Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wicked and before!!

I have had a few hiccups - I could not keep my food down late last week and I phoned the pallative care specialist who was concerned about my fluid levels and told me to concentrate on taking the fluid medication. This meant I put some of my painkillers on hold - it was a very hard ask and I spent a very painful day - it was pretty unbearable.

The next morning I still had trouble with the nausea and vomiting so she put me in hospital to get anti nausea drugs on the drip. It was reassuring to be somwhere I got the help I needed. I had scans and blood tests and on Monday I had 1.1 letres drained from my right lung. It seems the tumors and flood have now progressed to my right lung. This is bad news. The doctor appeared at my bedside at 6.40am on Sunday morning to let me know the results of the scan. This news was rather devastating.I feel very confused about what will happen and how it will happen. I know I just have to concentrate on each day and the challenges it brings.

I got released on Tuesday - so we could go to see Wicked - I really enjoyed it and was fine for the performance - you worry about how you will be. I am pleased I was okay. Great show.