Monday, November 23, 2009

How I am feeling now.

We went on a road trip for a week. We had a great time. But, I have started to notice a few pains and the occasional mild difficulty breathing. Since, we have been back I have noticed a pain in a spot on my back which gives me a throbbing pain. I wish I had a window to see what was going on in that pleura cavity!! A little pain can keep you humble!! I hoped I could keep the status quo of how well I was feeling a few weeks ago. I get a little upset when I can't do things I want to even if it is just lifting something or achieving that hike I wanted to take. I am going to see the surgeon this week so I will ask him if some of these symptoms are from the surgery. A little pain also makes it harder to stay positive.

Friday, November 6, 2009

My visit to the oncologist

Yesterday, Tuesday 5th November I had my first consultation with my onclogist. This was to be followed by my first chemo treatment session.

I have been feeling really well and I did feel what a shame to put these chemicals into my body and that will be me sick!!

Whe I told the oncologist how well I was feeling and he proceeded to tell us that the chemo treatment will work just as well if we wait till they know the disease is more on the move or I am having pain or other symptoms. This was such welcome news and we felt it would be better to wait. This will give us the opportunity to see following CT scans in 2 months whether it is getting worse or if I can put into place a regime that will help my own immune system to help keep it at bay. A much better option!!

I have no doubt that all the the positive attention I have been receiving in the form of visitors, gifts, flowers, well wishes, prayers, fasting and expressions of love and affirmation have helped me to stay positive and kept my spirits really high.

I have also been taking CQ10, Digistive green supplement, Zinc, multivitamins and trying to eat healthly. I have been exercising and will probably go back to Cruves next week.

I have been reading other books on what I can do to give my body a chance to fight this disease. My daughter ordered a book by an Australian who has survived more than ten years with mesothelioma here is Australia without any chemo etc.

I truly was on cloud nine following this visit - I felt like I had a small repreive. I was also thrilled because I can enjoy many activities with my grandchildren in the next two months including birthdays and also not have to worry about Christmas and being sick. Hurray, Hurray. I am so grateful to Heavenly Father for this blessing. I have faith that the prayers of so many have been heard at this time.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I go to the hopsital for my first lot of chemotherapy tomorrow. I am not sure what to expect even though I have Alimta and cispaltin and checked out the side effects and other things I could find about the success of these drugs in fighting meothelioma. I have enjoyed my time, cathing up with friends, trying to eat healthy - a few dinners out have been a bit of a challenge with this - but I haven't done too badly. We had some new photos taken - it has been years and I wanted to have some photos taken while I know I look healthy!! They look good.

I am feeling good - I should be with all those supplements I have been taking. I had to start taking the steriod drug today, ready for the treatment tomorrow. I have to take it for 3 days in all - the day before, the day of and the day after the chemotherapy treatment.