Friday, March 19, 2010

Great news

Thursday was good news day!! I had a scan on Tuesday and my appointment with the oncologist yesterday. As he looked at the pictures and compared with the last scan from the 29th December he was pleased to show how my tumors had shrunk. It was quite noticeable how where there were lots of bumps in the tumors along the chest wall it was now a lot flatter and smaller. In the previous scan around my windpipe on the left side the tumor could be seen but it has now receeded from this area and it was clear. So the Alimta is working for me at the moment. Wonderful. Not only is the Alimata working but I know it was also the faith and prayers of so many on my behalf. Before my appointment I could not call the outcome myself as the pain had not subsided but the oncologist told me that the pain can still remain. I was happy to keep going with my chemo. So lot no 4 was administered!! My white blood cells were down so he is going to make my next session 4 weeks instead of three.

I know this is not a cure but will certainly give me some more time and lengthen the prognosis.

I still strongly that Heavenly Father has a plan for me and he is looking after me.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nearly 1 week since beginning of round 3

I seem to be coping with this round a bit better - extremem fatigue set in last Saturday afternoon and seemed to ease up today. I do get sick of just sleeping and lying around on those days. I had my first battle (only a little one) with nausea today - I increased my pain killer patches last night - so I am pretty well convinced it is the pain killers brining on the nausea. As my body copes with this stage of the treatment I notice that it gets hard to keep positive about the treatment and the good it is doing me!!

I appreciate all the love and support of my family and friends - they help to keep me going. Een though I am not always able to accommodate their invitations I appreciate being thought of.