Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Next round starts tomorrow

I have survfived the first round of chemo and will front up tomorrow for round 2. I have found you have to put a lot of work and faith in to keeping positive,- even when you don't want to, enjoy what you can. I feel pretty ├║seless'most of the time - not able to help where I would like to, not able to get the things done I would like to - someone said yesterday at a support group John and I attended that you can never go back (sometimes I want my life before I got sick so badly) I just have to make the best of each day and what it offers and have hope. Hope is such an important part of moving forward and not looking back. Of course I hope that this treatment is going to stop those cancer cells in their tracks for a while!!

I have a picture of my sister who passed away in 2007 on the board in front of my desk and I think of the heroic way she handled her illness which was a lot more devistating than mine and it gives me a lot of strength.

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