Friday, February 12, 2010

Update on Round 2

I have been rather slow to post how this round is going...sorry. As on the 1st session the first couple of days were okay. Sunday I was not feeling too good - again the nausea kicked in and I have had it ever since. I must have a very sensitive stomach!! I have taken more nausea medication this time. Some of it works well and some only makes it tolerable.

Monday and Tuesday I particularly found mentally challenging as I was feeling terrible and the possibilities of my situation seemed very confronting. I found staying positive over these few days a challenge. But of course things do pick up and the the last couple of days I have coped with nausea better. I don't seem to have got as tired this time - whether that has been relevant to the change in my painkillers I am not sure.

I visited with a doctor on Thursday afternoon who was a very kindly gentleman and also told me that I will never be a statistic and that I must remain optomistic. He did brighten up my outlook.

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