Saturday, February 27, 2010

Round 3

John and I fronted up to the hospital on Thursday for my third lot of chemo. The nurse was unsure if I would be able to have it as the results of my blood test were not good. After asking a few more questions she rang the doctor and he asked that they wait till he came to see me. After the wait he arrived and we discussed my progress and he decided to go ahead with the chemo and that he would arrange for 2 units of blood for a transfusion. All went well - but it turned out to be a long day - we left the hospital at 6.45pm.

I have been doing okay since then and the tiredness is starting to set in today. The extra nausea drugs finish today - so we will see what tomorrow brings.

The prolonged nausea I have been experiencing is most likely from the pain killers but the doctor decided not to change them as most things will bring the same result.

I am feeling positive and ready to tackle this round - here we go!!

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