Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It is skipping along merrily!!

Before my last svcan and doctors appointment I had an increase in pain in my side and back - which I thought must be from my surgery. 'We had a great Christmas and went off optomistically to the doctor's on the 29th December. I had a CT scan (no trouble getting the vein!). When we went to the oncologist and he showed us the difference between the scan I had on the 6th October and the 29th December it was easy to see that the growth had grown considerably which was the reason for the increase in my pain. He prescribed strong pain killer's especially to get me through the night.

This visit was a real reality check and we were both upset about how quickly the cancer is growing. The oncologist told us that if I was to consider chemotherapy I should have it within 4 weeks.

These results made us consider the chemotherapy. After prayer we both felt that I should have it. We first thought we might wait till the end of January - then we considered how much the pain and growth were increasing and decided that we would go for thr 14th January. We feel good about going down this path in an effort to at least slow down the growth and possibly decrease the pain.

We attended a chemotherapy eduction session with a nurse last Friday. This was informative and gave us the chance to ask any questions.

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