Thursday, January 6, 2011

How I was at Christmas

As December progressed I could feel my body not coping with disease and my pain increasing. I developed a disturbing and distressing cough in the morning which left feeling drained and not too good for the rest of the morning. Into the afternoon I started to feel better and by the evening I was feeling pretty good.

I went to the GP for my coughing eposides. I just felt so down and drained by it.
She gave me a anti nausea table which unfortunately did nothing to ease the problem. I soldiered with increasing pain which I was not able to manage too well.

I had a lovely Christmas catching up with family - it was a shame it was hindered by my condition. On the Monday following Christmas I about to go to bed and when I went into the bedroom I felt I could not breathe and I panicked. I asked John to take me to the emergency at the hospital. After we were there a few minutes I calmed down and was breathing okay!! Of course, I still had to have all the tests - chest xray, ct scan, blood test, ECG - and four hours later we went home!! We since realised it was probably the smell of candle I was not used to that had been put in the bedroom which had been closed up. We got home at 2am and I felt a bit silly!!

Bu those scans have since been useful!!

By New Year's Eve my pain was getting me down and I tried to get a doctors appointment to get stronger pain killer - My daughter in law who is a pharmacist in the USA thought my pain patches were not strong enough. Because it was a holiday weekend it proved dificult to get a doctor's appointment but a good friend who is a GP wrote me a script for an extra 25 patches - it was a lifesaver!!

My next appointment with the GP was for Thursday 6th January. On Tuesday the 4th I rang the hospital to see if I could get this appointment changed to later that day. Hurray - I could.

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