Thursday, January 6, 2011

My visit to the oncologist

On Tuesday afternoon I was so pleased to be going to the oncologist. I had all my questions and problems worked out before we went. It had been 7 weeks since I had since him.

Using the pictures from the ct scan he told me that I had a lot more fluid and changed a lot of the drugs I was taking. I noticed the difference after the first night.

The oncologist then gave the bad news that I was at a stage to see the a pllative care doctor. I certainly felt that things were not good. He said that he could not foretell how things would go in the next few months and the pallative care doctor would be able to a help in prescribing effective pain killers. He would have his secretary make the appointment and let me know. On the way home and the appointment was for today Thursday 6th January.

After we got home I phoned the girls and talked to one son in the morning. The fact is that the disease has progressed to such a state that it is killing me and I am dying!!Even though I feel daunted but okay by this - I worry about my family and leaving them and the impact this will have on their lives.

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