Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Update for the future

March last year was the last time I wrote on this site. A lot has happened in the meantime. I went on to have 6 lots of chemotherapy using Alimta. The first 3 had the tumours receeding and the last three showed no change from the first three. Kept the status quo!. This gave me the opportunity to enjoy life and help my children and grandchildren. We had a good time. I was especially nice to spend time with Andrew and his family before they returned to the USA in May and also to see my other son Stephen pac up with his family and take them to the US to embark on a MBA.

But.......by late July I noticed an increase in my pain and I could feel a nodule near my biopsy wound. We sent to see the oncologist and he recommended I have some radiation therapy which we could get in before we left on our trip to the US to see our sons and their families.

The oncologist assigned to me for this treatment was not very optomistic at all but I started on 10 days of radiation near my left breast. It did not hurt but afterwards left a burning sensation for a number of weeks. I did not particuarly like this treatment.......of course I am not supposed to like treatment!! Around the time I started this treatment I started coughing up phlem at night and early morning. I found this quite distressing but they could not tell me if it was from the disease or from the treatment.

I finished my treatment on Friday afternoon and we left on a jet plane the next morning to Los Angeles - then on to Albany New York. It was a long day - very tiring and probably a bit long for me.

I wasn't sure if I should have come in the first few days as I was very tired and had a lot of problems with phlem. But, we soldiered on..............

Miraculously, I was during our 4 week trip and had a lot of fun with our grandchildren and our family. My biggest problem was feeling tired and coughing and phlem during the night and early morning.

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