Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Since the trip

Ourf trip to the USA was such a blessing - we had great times with everyone - reading stories, playing games - it was fun.

Upon returning I had a CT scan and went to see the oncologist - I was a little worried as knew things were worse than before we went away. His prognosis verified this and he suggested some more chemotherapy. I always said I would give it another try!!!

Before my first session I had a cathether put in my chest. I went under and they inserted it - the I went down for my first chemo session. This chemo was using a different drug and I would have it once a week for three weeks - one week off - then once a week for 3 weeks again. The sidd effects from the first session were not fun - fluid filled feet and legs, flu like symptoms etc. When the oncologist was aware of the symptoms he said the risk was not worth it and he wanted to go back to Alimta the next week. He also told me that the likelyhood of it working was low.

The side effects of the chemo really locked me around and after prayer and comtemplation I decided I was not going to go ahead with Alimta.

I strongly felt this was the right decision. Eight weeks on I still feel it was the best decision for me.

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